Check Up and Clean

Check Up and Clean

Prevent dental disease

At Novo Dental we believe that prevention is better than cure and it is also a much more cost effective option in the long term. Research is suggesting that gum disease is linked to other common health problems, so we treat dental disease in the same way other medical conditions should be addressed – quickly. Your regular six monthly hygiene visit will consist of two parts. An initial examination and discussion with one of the dentists will identify any areas of concern and explain any queries you have.

Dr Felipe and Dr Marcel, our dentists will then thoroughly clean your teeth to remove the calculus and plaque build up, discuss the on going care of your teeth and apply any treatments that the dentist has recommended, such as fluoride. Our aim is to provide you with dental care for life, and we believe that our check ups and cleaning is one of the most important services that we offer our patients.

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