Root Canals

Root Canals

Save your tooth

A tooth that needs this type of treatment means that we can save the tooth and keep it in your mouth. This is a great chance for you to retain a vital part of your mouth, your smile and your bite.

Root Canal Filling (also called Endodontics) is a deep filling that blocks up the space where the nerve canal of the tooth was.  The reason for doing this is because all the bacteria have managed to infect the nerve in the root.

The root canals are cleaned with thin metal tools which aim to get to the root ends. The space is widened and smoothed and washed out regularly with strong antiseptics to help eliminate all the bacteria. After, this space is filled with another antiseptic paste and covered with a temporary filling. We sometimes need to do this a few times.

A tooth that has had this treatment, needs to be protected from breaking down or fracturing. There are some options for this but crowns are usually the best method to cover the tooth.

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