Give your tooth some extra bite!

A crown (also known as a cap) is like a hat that goes over the entire tooth – across the top, down the sides and binds it all together, stopping future cracks and cusp breakages and providing very good retention.  They are very solid, good looking and durable restorations.

Crowns provide the option of cover for a tooth and also keep it strong enough to bite with. It is sometimes too much to ask for a tooth-coloured composite filling to keep a tooth strong enough to bite on, and if a weak filling is placed into the tooth, the tooth may break down or even fracture.

Crowns provide the alternative by covering the whole of the top and sides of a tooth to give the tooth strength to last a long time. The materials can be porcelain or metal, like gold crowns. The porcelain types provide strength but also give you a tooth like result. With porcelain crowns, we can make them in one appointment with the latest CADCAM technology from 3Shape Trios.

There are different types of crowns made from ceramic, ceramic and metal or all metal.  At Novo Dental we generally recommend crowns for root treated teeth, to stabilise tooth structure that is heavily filled or broken, to replace very large fillings or for cosmetic options.  Crowns are much stronger than composite resin filling material and they should last many years if they are properly looked after.

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